And how!


So.. Who still uses this? Looks like it's been a few years for me. My list of entries looks rather run-down with all the broken images. I was watching a Google I/O Android video earlier with Fitz in it and it reminded me of the ol' El-Jay.

This account is more than ten years old. Bejesus. Has it really been that long? Why, back in my day...

Of all the social networking thingamajigs that have cropped up over the years, I'd have to say that LiveJournal is still my favorite, even if I don't use it anymore. I'm not talkative enough to Tweet 140 character snippets of random thought, and Facebook's social net casts too far for it to be inviting for me to post to. The tight community feel of LJ with the option of writing at length was/is nice.

Perhaps I'll make a triumphant return? I don't hear any horns blowing or maidens cheering, but it is 5:30 in the morning.. I'll give it some time.
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And how!

Completely Random

Cleaning up my documents folder at work (Which I have never organized in my 6+ years of employment), and I came across a lone text file named, "survey.txt".

Its contents:
Isaac attempted to print his timesheet on a large slice of American cheese, but the cheese melted in the fuser and created a big cheesy printing catastrophe.
Interesting. Lesson learned:

(My guess would be that this was random filler text for a survey app I was developing way back in the day.)